Creation Cove


Creation Cove is the Children's Ministry at KACC.
We strive to create followers of Christ by providing a
fun and safe environment for kids to encounter Jesus.


Connecting kids
to Christ



Obeying God’s



Venturing into
new friendships



God’s kingdom



Our mission is simple

“Create followers of Christ.”


Join us!

9a & 10:45a

Ages six weeks to 6th grade.



Our programs include worship, Bible teaching, and fellowship experiences for all children who attend, as well as small group breakouts for the elementary aged kids.

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Mid-Week Bible Learning Fun

Breakout is for First through Sixth Graders. Join us for an exciting Bible study filled with games, "What's In the Bible," video lessons, and awesome worship! We meet on Wednesday nights during the school year. Breakout is free!

Wednesdays during the school year
7:00 – 8:30 pm | SC Room 205

2019 Kick-Off
7:00 – 8:30 pm | September 11th

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What We Believe
Children’s Ministry is a place where kids begin to grow and build an understanding of who God is and how to have a relationship with Him. When God created the universe, it was a process in which He created for a seven day period. In a similar sense, we feel that Children’s Ministry is a period where God begins a special work in the life of each child and family. Children’s Ministry is by no means the end all of a child’s spiritual journey, it is just the beginning of God’s creative process in their life! 

Our vision is very simple. We exist to “create followers of Christ”. Our name begins with Creation. Creation represents God’s creative process in the spiritual growth of each child. Just as God used a 7 day process to create the universe, He chooses a lifetime process to create each human. We see Children’s Ministry as the beginning part of that creation process.

Cove represents a few things. First, cove is symbolic of a safe harbor, a place where kids and families can grow together in a safe and healthy environment. Also, with KACC being placed in the heart of Orange County, cove is an appropriate symbol being that we are so close to the Pacific Ocean. Last and most importantly, “cove” is an acronym. It stands for the four major Biblical pillars in which we’ve chosen to base our ministry on; evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and missions. Our goal at Creation Cove is to assist kids and families in spiritual growth.