As school semesters start up across the nation, many begin to dread the workload of homework, pop-quizzes, exams and term papers. The most dreaded of all assignments has to be β€œthe group project.” The over achievers start becoming anxious thinking about the extra effort they will have to put forth to carry the weaker members of the group. The slackers begin to feel restless knowing that they will be constantly nagged to carry their weight. Working with others is one of the most difficult tasks we face as students, but has proven to be a great builder of character and catalyst of maturity. Jesus taught His disciples in a team environment and forced them to take on challenges as a group.  The disciples learned a lot about Jesus, themselves, and the mission of God as a group. In this series we will look at how the disciples grew together and went out on assignment together. In doing this study we will see how we can better grow and go together as believers.