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Our Life Groups are central to the work of the ministry here at Knott Avenue.  They are designed to provide you a safe place to work out your spiritual questions as we discuss openly and honestly (Real Talk) about God, His Word (Bible) and our role in His Kingdom.  Most of our groups are sermon based (digging deeper and further than the topic of the previous week’s message) and meet both on and off campus.  No matter what your age, gender or marital status, want to help you to find a group to join!


Choosing a group is quick and easy.  Just click on the button below and answer a few questions so we can get to know you better.  Once we receive your information, we’ll respond in a day or so with a good list of recommendations tailored to meet your needs.

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Get Out There And…

September 17 – October 29

One of the popular complaints about Christianity is that its followers are hypocrites. We may talk the talk, but we don’t walk the walk. We don’t practice what we preach, we just preach. This is not how our faith should be defined or perceived. Our faith is one of action. It’s not only defined by what we say and when we get in the building, but by how we act when we get out of the building. In this series, we will explore together how our faith takes action. We will also be challenging you to take one specific step every week to live out your faith.