KACC Weekly update - July 27th, 2016



Saturday, August 27 – Huntington Beach

Life Guard Tower #6 just south of the Magnolia St. entrance

Remember, along with gathering together for a beach day, we’ll also have our annual beach baptisms take place during this time. Baptism is a symbolic act of joining the family of God. With this in mind, we believe this event will be not only a great time to enjoy our earthly families, but also a time to celebrate the new members of our spiritual family. People will be at the beach ALL DAY from 6 am – 10 pm, join us at any time, but don’t miss the baptisms at 4 pm! Parking is $15 for the day which allows you re-entry. Bring your own food, drinks, and beach gear and prepare for a special day!

Scheduled events for the day:
6:00 a.m. – “Walk on Water” Surfing and fire pit reserving
• Surfers and surf photographers welcome
• Reserve fire pits and area for KACC
Morning / Afternoon – Family fun opportunities
4:00 p.m. – Beach Baptisms
5:30 p.m. – Bonfires for roasting and hanging out
There will also be some coordinated games by Pastor Albert and maybe a volleyball tournament!

If you would like to be baptized on this day, indicate that on your Connect Card on Sundays, or call the church office, and you will be contacted by a pastor.



There is still time to help improve the lives of people in poverty by providing safe drinking water. In July, every Facebook check-in at KACC will provide one week of safe drinking water for a family in Haiti. As of today, July 27, we had over 1,505 check-ins.  That’s 28 “years” of water! Keep checking in KACC!

When you check in on Facebook, you can add #givewater to your posts. It’s a great way to remind your friends and family why you’re checking in!

Thanks for being involved with our missions and outreach efforts. Remember, your Facebook check-ins not only help raise people out of poverty, they also gently invite your friends to participate in our church community.




Matahi Pito, our facilities manager, will set up several crews to dig out the dirt from the playground and make a cement foundation for the pour-and- play that will be installed. The pour-and- play will provide a spongy covering on the playground that is currently dirt. This will be an enormous upgrade for our playground. Contact the church office if you are interested in helping any time during the day on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday, August 4-6.


September 9th-11th

If you really enjoy fishing, then this weekend at Tuff’s campground at Mammoth Lakes is for you! September 9-11, we’ll enjoy two and a half fantastic days of fishing, hiking, and plenty of time to enjoy God’s beautiful creation. For just $47 per person, we’ll provide your campsite and great grub. You bring all your camping and fishing gear. Fishermen of all levels will enjoy this weekend. Sign up at the Men’s Ministry table on Sunday!



Friday through Saturday, October 7-9

Our 2016 retreat, Exhale: He Restores My Soul, is at Murrieta Hot Springs. This will be a precious time of connection with the Lord and unwinding in the surroundings of this beautiful resort. Register at the Women’s Ministry table on Sundays. The cost is $200 for the weekend (you can make payments of $25 to make it easier). For more information or to register, stop by the Women’s Ministry table or contact Leslee Marvin, lmarvin@kacc.com.