Volleyball Outreach


The Goal of Knott Avenue Volleyball is to provide an athletic event that builds a bridge with our friends, neighbors, and co-workers so the Good News of Jesus Christ can be shared and demonstrated in a fun and relaxed way.


Our Spring Co-Ed Volleyball League season is one for the books!  Congratulations to our 2018 A League (Mike Hammontre team captain), B League (Pam Young team captain) and C League (Edgar Garcia team captain) Champs! It was a fun season with lots of exciting games and good relationships built.  Hope to see you all next Spring!


Our Spring 2019 League will run 11 weeks beginning February 10  
Registrations will begin in December.

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C League Champions.jpg

We have an “A” league for our most advanced play for people with a good knowledge and handle on the skills of volleyball, a “B” league for people who are intermediate in their skill levels and a “C” league that is a recreation “Just for fun” league. 

A description of the league levels and skill are below if you want to know where you might fit.


Volleyball Levels

Rate yourself as a 1- 6 player per the descriptions below.  Circle the appropriate level of play on the Knott Avenue Volleyball Registration form when you sign up.  Please be realistic and modest. To ensure that everyone is playing at their ability, you may be moved into a different division if your skills are not aligned with the others in your league.

  • 1’s and 2’s will be in the “C” – Recreation / “Just fun” League
  • 3’s and 4’s will be in the “B” – Intermediate League
  • 5’s and 6’s will be in the “A” – Advanced League.


Never played or haven’t played in years

Making serves over the net will be a fun challenge

Bumping the ball is tough and sometimes hurts arms

Need to learn rules and positions on the court



Like to play but I am still getting started

Bumping the ball can be an adventure

Can serve the ball underhand most of the time

I can usually be counted on to get the ball over the net



Play at least a couple of times a year

Can bump the ball some/most of the time

Can serve underhand consistently

Setting and spiking the ball are things I need to work on



Played in an intermediate league in the last year or two

Can serve overhand

Am a fairly reliable bumper/passer

Can set the ball consistently high

Spikes/kills ball every now and then



Can pass into play to a setter

Can dig balls

Confident with overhead and/or bump setting

Can serve to locations

Can hit/kill

Gets a block in every now and then



Can pass to locations

Can dig driven balls consistently

Can set to varying heights/places along with back setting

Can serve with power for points

Can hit/kill/block regularly

Ready to run plays with my teammates



Pancakes/Ten footers/Jump Serves/6-2 & 5-1 offenses/Quick Hits

Designed plays