If you have a habit, hurt or hang-up that continues to enslave you, join us Friday nights and begin experiencing God’s grace.
Friday nights 7:00 pm in Children's Center Room 205. Childcare provided.

Facilitator: James Chvala 562.536.8618


Grief Share is designed to help you recover from the deep hurt associated with the loss of someone close to you. At each session, a video is viewed on an issue related to grief and loss. These videos feature top experts on a wide variety of subjects important to the grief recovery process. On each video, personal stories of people who have been through the grieving process will be shared. After the video, there will be a support type group discussion about the video as well as a sharing time for events in the member’s lives.

Facilitator: Linda Minner
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Covenant Eyes

The KACC Covenant Eyes group is a confidential group for men. This support group is for men who would like support, encouragement, accountability, and advice regarding sexual purity. This group is a great place for any man that is tired of stumbling in their walk with the Lord, hurting themselves, hurting their relationship with the Lord, and hurting their relationships with others. It is also great place for a man to “keep on keeping on” in their walk with the Lord, maintaining purity and striving to please Him – and to encourage other men to do the same.

Are you viewing pornography on the internet? Statistics indicate that over 50% of men who attend church are regularly viewing internet porn, if not engaging in even deeper impure activities.  You are not the only one struggling with this sin.  Help yourself and help others who have silently struggled.  Struggling by yourself is exactly where the enemy would like you to be.  Please consider joining Covenant eyes. It is a place for any man who is tired of stumbling in their walk with the Lord, hurting themselves, and hurting their relationships with others.

If you would like more information, please call Bradd Arruda 949.791.7805

Recommended Resources:

We recommend “The Game Plan” by Joe Dallas as a helpful book and tool.

Book – False Intimacy

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Our Journey


Reaching out to people struggling with disabilities or chronic pain. With
Christ as our foundation we can establish relationships to empower and to mentor one another.


Every third Tuesday at 6:30 pm, Children's Center Room 105


Gina Pito at 714.932.8723.